5 challenges with Bitcoin in 2018
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5 challenges with Bitcoin in 2018

2017 was the year of Bitcoin, when news about the world’s most popular digital currency appeared heavily in the media.

In recent days, Bitcoin has recovered again.

Bitcoin is famous for being a currency with large price fluctuations.

On CNBC, Julian Hosp – co-founder of TenX – a company that helps customers use virtual currency more easily, said that Bitcoin’s rising momentum has not ended.

Therefore, the answers to the questions below can help investors determine whether the Bitcoin party has come to an end or not.

1. Does Wall Street like Bitcoin or not?

The fact that digital currency is not regulated by the Government has made many financial institutions and large asset management funds hesitant to invest here.

However, two major exchanges, CBOE and CME, this month approved Bitcoin futures trading.

2. Will Bitcoin survive the next crisis?

In 2014, the Mt.

Recently, Youbit exchange (Korea) also had to file for bankruptcy due to loss of virtual money.

3. Will China continue to tighten its grip on digital currencies?

This year, Chinese authorities have made a series of moves to curb the development of privately created digital currencies here.

4. Will Bitcoin be usurped by other currencies?

5 challenges with Bitcoin in 2018

Bitcoin has long enjoyed a first-mover advantage.

5. Is Bitcoin considered a currency?

Many Bitcoin supporters believe that it will soon become a global currency.

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