Bale scored in his Real debut
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Bale scored in his Real debut

For Gareth Bale personally, a goal on his debut day is considered smooth.

Cani opened the score for the home team from an indecisive defensive situation by the white shirt defenders.

Bale and Ronaldo both scored goals in their first match together

Home team Villareal entered the game full of confidence and was ready to play tit-for-tat with `big man` Real.

Real, like in the last three matches, actively controlled the ball and made short-range passes.

The opening goal of the match came from a poor coordination phase by the away team’s defense.

Real’s poor defense accentuates the excellence of goalkeeper Diego Lopez.

Bale scored in his Real debut

Gareth Bale had a smooth debut

Bale played not bad today.

Four minutes after Di Maria entered the field, Ronaldo, who was returned to the left wing, immediately scored to increase the score to 2-1.

Not satisfied with a loss at home, Villareal’s players pressed forward to attack and got a worthy reward in the 70th minute. Cani boldly broke through in the middle and then launched a shot from distance.

Villareal coach Marcelino exclaimed regretfully after the match: `The team should have deserved a victory, not a draw.`

* Match videos.

Bale scored in his Real debut

Villarreal deserves praise after this morning’s performance

* Goals: Cani (21′), Dos Santos (70′) – Bale (39′), Ronaldo (64′)



Match parameters

Real Madrid


Ball control rate



Total shot



Hit the target



Corner kick



Bale scored in his Real debut

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