Why is studying abroad not successful?
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Why is studying abroad not successful?

At the seminar organized by the Olympia International Dual Degree program on December 21, Mr. Nguyen Chi Hieu, PhD at Stanford University (USA), MBA valedictorian of Oxford University (UK) pointed out six student competencies.

1. Creative thinking

When asked the question `What do plants need to grow`, many middle school students answered soil, water, air, light, and nutrition.

Instead, if you give more novel answers such as plants need care, time to grow, music to avoid stress or rocks to avoid being swept away by floods, you will be evaluated.

When I was studying at Stanford University, I took a 6-hour exam.

I took that test for 6 hours but only finished about 60%, which is okay.

Our way of learning now is to give the correct answer and there is only one correct answer.

I encountered this obstacle and many students now do too.

Dr. Nguyen Chi Hieu shared at the conference.

2. Write arguments and analysis

With the painting of a girl standing on the beach, many students only see it as a girl or a girl disappearing.

Those who read a lot and study properly, with the picture of a girl standing on the beach, in just 1-2 minutes will come up with 4-5 ideas.

I affirm that people with the ability to write arguments and analyzes will be very successful in college, and if they lack it, it will be extremely difficult.

3. Critical thinking (asking questions)

There was a principal who once came to my school.

The principal affirmed this because through a question, the listener will know the student’s critical thinking.

Whether critical thinking is good or not also takes time to accumulate.

You often think that those who win scholarships to study abroad are the best, but they are not.

I also want to advise you not to think that you can learn by taking a 10-week critical thinking course, but instead read 10 books to have this ability.

4. Solve multidimensional problems

`I don’t study well. Why`?

Normally, when you wake up in the morning, you clean yourself, eat breakfast and then go to school.

When I was in 6th grade, I was the worst at English in the class, so much so that I even asked the very bad question why `I am` and `He is` and not `I is` and `He am`.

What I want to say here is that right now you think very little about your thoughts.

People who do not have the habit of thinking about their thoughts will find it very difficult to have the ability to solve multi-dimensional problems and will find it difficult to study abroad.

5. Emotional intelligence

You do not control your emotions well now, you easily get angry, irritable, angry and give up easily.

In the past, when I was in 8th grade, I lived alone because the house was so noisy that I couldn’t sleep and study.

Imagine if you can’t manage your emotions, what will happen when you study abroad, have no one by your side but encounter illness, break up with your lover or have poor academic results?

6. People management

If you cannot manage your emotions, you cannot manage others.

In short, without the above 6 competencies, it is very difficult for you to get a scholarship to any school and it is also very difficult for you to succeed when studying abroad.

Getting a scholarship or not is not up to your parents or school, but up to you.

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