Biden sets date for ending Afghanistan war
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Biden sets date for ending Afghanistan war

In a speech at the White House on July 8, President Joe Biden announced that the US military `has achieved its goals` in Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of waging war in this country, including killing Osama bin Laden.

`We are ending America’s longest war,` Biden said and affirmed that continuing to maintain US soldiers in Afghanistan is not a good choice.

`America cannot continue to bind itself to policies created to respond to the world situation 20 years ago,` Biden said.

`America did not come to Afghanistan to build the country and only Afghans can determine their future,` he declared.

US President Joe Biden spoke at the White House on July 8.

Biden admitted he is not sure what the future of Afghanistan will be when the US withdraws troops.

`The Afghan government must cooperate with all parties,` Biden said.

Biden expressed confidence in the Afghan armed and security forces, which have been trained and equipped by the US for many years to fight the Taliban rebels.

Biden made the announcement as fighting in Qala-e-Naw, capital of Afghanistan’s Badghis province, entered its second day.

A resident of Qala-e-Naw city said Taliban gunmen moved around the city on motorbikes.

However, provincial governor Badghis Hessamuddin Shams confirmed that Afghan forces were driving the Taliban out of the city.

Biden sets date for ending Afghanistan war

US special forces occupied the peak after a gun battle with the Taliban in Kapisa province of Afghanistan in September 2016.

After the US accelerated the withdrawal process with 90% of its forces returning home, the Taliban stepped up their offensive to expand the territory they controlled.

President Ashraf Ghani affirmed that Afghanistan is strong enough to resolve the situation, but admitted that there are still many difficulties ahead.

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