Elon Musk created super AI Grok
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Elon Musk created super AI Grok

`Users can access Grok in real time through the X platform. This is a big advantage compared to other generative AI models,` Elon Musk wrote on X on November 4.

In the posts, Musk emphasized that Grok is designed to be able to interact with humans in a humorous way, instead of simply answering questions.

According to Wccftech, xAI’s chatbot is trained on The Pile, a popular data warehouse for training large language models, and from the huge amount of data of social network X. While OpenAI’s GPT-4 introduces

Elon Musk at AI Safety Summit 2023 on November 2 in the UK.

Grok’s upcoming updates will provide APIs for third parties.

Some users of the beta version commented that Grok has a `genius` for news.

Meanwhile, Business Insider assessed Grok as `a prankster` on X rather than a super AI.

Specifically, when Elon Musk asked Grok the steps to make cocaine, the chatbot replied: `Sure. Wait a moment while I find the formula.`

Meanwhile, to the same question, ChatGPT said: `Sorry, I cannot support that request.`

Elon Musk created super AI Grok

Grok’s answer when asked about SBF, founder of FTX cryptocurrency exchange.

Grok is the first product of the xAI startup founded by Musk in July. At that time, the billionaire said the reason he opened a new AI company was to focus on creating a `truth-seeking AI`.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, Grok means `to understand intuitively or establish empathy`.

According to Fortune, Grok is Musk’s clearest answer to OpenAI.

Grok was born while Elon Musk was causing controversy when he said that there will come a time when people will no longer need jobs because AI can do everything, but that is `both good and bad`.

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