Carlos Tevez and the late peace at Juventus
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Carlos Tevez and the late peace at Juventus

Tevez’s childhood was not at all peaceful.

In 2006, Tevez, a promising young talent of Argentine football after winning a gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, was voted the best player of the year by Boca Juniors and then Corinthians.

But finally, in August 2006, Tevez and his colleague Javier Mascherano joined West Ham in a deal that later found countless problems related to the third party, the co-owners.

In 2006, Tevez (left) moved to West Ham in an unclear deal, which tormented him in the next steps of his career.

Right at the first step to top football, the path that Tevez took was not as flat as others.

From his time at West Ham, Tevez soon showed his impulsive personality.

After being awarded the title of West Ham’s Best Player of the Year, Tevez moved to Man Utd.

Finally, the Premier League organizers had to step in again and Tevez came to Old Trafford on a two-year loan contract.

When he returned to Upton Park, Tevez received taunts from the stands even though not long ago he scored the only goal against Man Utd, helping West Ham win 1-0 in the final round.

Carlos Tevez and the late peace at Juventus

Tevez (right) used to play very determinedly for Man Utd but was not recognized for his efforts.

Despite winning the Champions League and Premier League double with Man Utd in the 2007-2008 season, Tevez’s life at Old Trafford has never been easy.

In May 2009, Tevez told the press that his career at Man Utd could end next summer because the striker had not yet received an offer to sign a long-term contract from the club.

Finally, Man Utd agreed to buy Tevez outright for $40 million, but the striker’s representative said he no longer wanted to play for the Old Trafford team.

Although the fee for this deal was not disclosed, the British press said that Man City had to pay a record amount of up to 73.7 million dollars to get Tevez.

Tevez thought he would be on the path to becoming a symbol of the Etihad Stadium, but in December 2010, the Argentine player suddenly asked to leave due to family issues and conflicts with some individuals at the club.

Carlos Tevez and the late peace at Juventus

Tevez (second from right) was benched for a long time due to a conflict with Roberto Mancini.

In September 2011, Tevez was fiercely criticized for refusing to enter the field in the match against Bayern Munich even though Mancini signaled him to warm up.

Tevez later stated that he was treated like `a dog` by Mancini.

However, in June 2013, Tevez moved to play in Serie A under Juventus.

This season, Tevez continues to be the leader of the Turin team.

Former Man Utd player Paul Scholes said not long ago that Tevez had finally found peace at Juventus.

Tevez’s talent is undeniable.

Carlos Tevez and the late peace at Juventus

With Juventus, Tevez is glowing and is facing the third opportunity in his career to attend a Champions League final.

Not being cherished like Messi, nor respected by clubs like Rooney or Ronaldo, Tevez of course cannot do great things commensurate with his talent.

* The Real Madrid – Juventus match takes place at 7:45 p.m., London time today (1:45 a.m. tomorrow, May 14, Hanoi time).

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