Famous comics by Vietnamese authors
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Famous comics by Vietnamese authors

Hero Hesman – Hung Lan

Some collections of stories `The Brave Hesman`.

The 159-episode comic series features the main character a robot named Hesman (short for `He is man`).

Many readers welcomed and loved Hero Hesman.

Vietnamese prodigy – Phan Thi

Famous comics by Vietnamese authors

Characters in `Vietnamese Prodigy`.

The first volume of the Vietnamese Prodigy series was released in February 2002, produced by author Le Linh and Phan Thi company.

Vietnamese Prodigy is set in the Later Le Dynasty, telling the story and life of Le Ti – a Vietnamese poinsettia – and his close friends Suu Eo, Dan Bao, and Ca Meo.

Vietnamese Prodigy also has related comic books such as Vietnamese Scientific Prodigy, Vietnamese Fine Arts Prodigy, Vietnamese Math Prodigy, Vietnamese Prodigy Hoang Sa – Truong Sa.

Dragon Land – 3D Art group

Famous comics by Vietnamese authors

Image from the 3D comic `Dragon Land`.

Dragon Land is a 3D comic series for teenagers.

The 3D Art team of authors put into their work many messages about friendship, love, cultural beauty of the country’s regions, and historical knowledge.

The series was initially posted on the internet, then published as a paper book in 2012.

Sutra student – B.R.O group

Famous comics by Vietnamese authors

Image from `Students of Sutras`.

True Student is a humorous and emotional series revolving around school topics.

Student scriptures are printed in color, currently published up to volume 20.

Dragon Than General – Phong Duong Comic

Famous comics by Vietnamese authors

Different versions of `Dragon Than General` episode 1.

The comic series by Thanh Phong and Khanh Duong first appeared in Young Comics magazine about 10 years ago.

In the 2014 re-release, Phong Duong Comic cooperated with artist My Anh (Butaemon) and received historical consultation from researcher Tran Quang Duc.

Long Than Tuong was also successful at the publishing stage and was well received by many readers.

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