Fans are proud even though Tottenham lost heavily to Chelsea
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Fans are proud even though Tottenham lost heavily to Chelsea

When the Tottenham player entered the tunnel after the final whistle, tens of thousands of spectators on the field stood up and applauded.

All eight remaining Tottenham players (white shirts) on the field, not including the goalkeeper, are standing around the circle or midfield line when Chelsea has the ball.

When having to play with nine people, due to Cristian Romero and Destiny Udogie being sent off, Tottenham still played with a high defense with the aim of playing a double attack.

When asked about the defense rising to the middle of the field with only nine people left, coach Postecoglou said on Sky Sports: `That’s who we are, and we will continue to play like that as long as I’m in office.`

The reporter asked again: `But don’t Tottenham change the way they play? When there are only 10 people left or nine people?`.

Tottenham’s high defense caused a lot of controversy with neutral audiences, as they thought that the home team should have played on concrete when they were short of players.

On the Tottenham fan forum on Reddit, Bomberman9 account commented: `Defeats are always painful, but this loss is less painful because I don’t see any player losing faith or will. The team plays the way I want to see

Fans are proud even though Tottenham lost heavily to Chelsea

Coach Postecoglou expressed gratitude to the Tottenham audience after losing to Chelsea at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, round 11 of the Premier League on the evening of November 6, 2023.

Tottenham players have many times to stimulate the excitement of the home crowd after every good ball situation.

The BlandoCalrissian account is proud that Postecoglou imparts such will to the player.

Tottenham fans also compare Postecoglou with previous coaches such as Jose Mourinho Nuno Espirito Santo or Antonio Conte.

Postecoglou led Tottenham to play 11 matches, achieving a winning rate of 72.7%, the highest in the team’s history.

Postecoglou is 58 years old, Greek-Australian.

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