Jensen Huang – billionaire shines at the age of 60 thanks to AI
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Jensen Huang – billionaire shines at the age of 60 thanks to AI

Once having a capitalization value of 400 billion USD in January, the wave of super AI helped Nvidia shine when it reached the 1,000 billion USD mark in a few hours on May 30.

With ownership of 86.9 million Nvidia shares, equivalent to 3.5% of shares, CEO Jensen Huang’s assets currently reach 36 billion USD, making him the 34th richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

Mr. Huang, whose birth name is Jen-hsun Huang, was born on February 17, 1963 in Taipei and lived in Taiwan and Thailand.

`In the pocket of every child there there was a knife. And when they fought, someone would get hurt,` Huang told NPR in 2012.

Here, Huang and his classmates had to work even though they were young.

After a period in reform school, he and his brother went to Oregon to reunite with their family.

`I’ve loved computers since I was a child, but at OSU, my eyes were opened to the magic behind them,` he said when visiting campus in 2017.

After graduating, Huang continued his studies and received a master’s degree in electromagnetic engineering from Stanford University in 1992. He briefly joined chip companies LSI Logic and AMD.

`We wanted to create a computer-related company, but different from the rest,` he said.

Denny’s is also where Huang worked part-time while he was a student.

Nvidia was established with an initial capital of 40,000 USD.

Nvidia’s view of the future is supported by investors.

The same year, Nvidia conducted an IPO and then won a contract to develop graphics hardware for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console, giving Nvidia a $200 million advance.

In early 2022, the company launched H100 – the world’s most powerful GPU graphics processor and also one of the most expensive chips at $40,000 each.

`We went through a relatively difficult year, but the turning point came overnight,` said Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

ChatGPT’s success quickly created a race in the field of generative AI as a series of technology companies sought out the H100, a chip model described as `the world’s first system designed for super AI`.

Huang is 60 years old this year, younger than Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (67 years old) and one year older than Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos (59 years old).

`For me, there is nothing more fun than building a one-of-a-kind company. I don’t imagine myself doing anything else besides this,` Nvidia CEO told Business Insider in April 2021.

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