Looting broke out in New York after the protests
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Looting broke out in New York after the protests

Throughout the night of May 31, groups of protesters marched through the streets of Lower Manhattan, New York City to protest the death of black man George Floyd by police on May 25.

By the morning of June 1, Manhattan was devastated to a degree not seen since the 1977 blackout, which caused chaos as looting and violence erupted, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

Protesters stormed and looted a department store in New York on June 1.

Extreme protesters flooded down Broadway and moved through the streets of SoHo, leaving serious destruction from drugstores to designer chain stores like Channel, Adidas or Dolce & Gabbana.

Looters went from store to store, scavenging through the rubble for expensive items like shoes, clothes, electronics… Bloomingdale’s store in SoHo, a high-end department store chain

Police said more than 400 people were arrested in New York in connection with the raids on the night of May 31, mainly for looting and theft.

`I don’t think this has anything to do with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. It’s just chaos. People are just using it as an excuse to act crazy, to do things that weren’t possible before.`

After hours of mostly peaceful protests, the streets of Lower Manhattan descended into chaos after 10 p.m. on May 31, after police confronted and dispersed a crowd traveling from Brooklyn.

The violent actions of these protesters escalated day by day, they kicked trash cans into the street, set fire to it and burned down scaffolding on a nearby apartment building.

Riot police officers quickly deployed their duties, while peaceful protesters also shouted: `No protection for looters.`

After midnight, a second clash between riot protesters and police continued outside the Barclays Center.

Looting broke out in New York after the protests

A high-end fashion store was vandalized in Manhattan, New York, USA, on June 1.

Not long after, gunshots rang out throughout the neighborhood and people jostled for cover.

As the looting continued, the police seemed to give up.

Not only luxury stores were targeted, many small stores were also destroyed by extremist groups.

`I feel angry, disgusted. I feel ashamed for my city. New Yorkers, we should come together,` Ackerman said.

The vandalism lasted until 3am and it continued to cause a new round of chaos as the looters realized they no longer had transportation home.

Looting broke out in New York after the protests

Looting broke out in New York after the protests

Protesters shouted around a smashed police car in the Union Square area, Manhattan, New York, on May 31.

Looters approached anyone holding a cell phone and pleaded with drivers on the road to stop.

At 5 a.m., Joseph Holder, 65 years old, a black man currently working as an environmental sanitation worker, witnessed the scene of destruction and appeared scared.

`I’m very scared for my life. Yes, black lives matter, but what model are you trying to set for the next generation?` Holder said, preparing to start cleaning up.

When protests demanding justice for George Floyd, a black man killed by police, turned into riots, city governments asked state governors to deploy the National Guard to support police and impose curfews.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to deploy thousands of heavily armed soldiers in Washington, DC to prevent looting and looting.

The `I can’t breathe` protest initially demanded justice for Floyd, but turned into a protest for people of color when people revived the injustices and tragic deaths in this community.

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