Real deputy coach: ‘Bale is not sure of starting position’
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Real deputy coach: ‘Bale is not sure of starting position’

Bale just arrived from Tottenham on the last day of this summer market, after a 100 million euro deal, making him the player with the highest transfer fee in football history.

In the eyes of the majority, that huge fee will help Bale get a starting spot.

However, responding to BBC Sport, Clement rejected that view: `Every position has competition, no one at Real is guaranteed anything.

Bale will have to compete fairly for a starting position at Real like every other player.

Bale started his career at Southampton as a left-back and still played this position when he first moved to Tottenham.

Similar to Bale, current Real star Cristiano Ronaldo also gradually improved throughout his career and became one of the best attacking players in the world today.

Last season, Ronaldo scored 34 goals for Real in La Liga and reached the 200-goal mark for this club in May, in his fourth season since joining the Bernabeu team in summer 2009.

The question that arose after Bale arrived at Real was whether he or Ronaldo would be allowed to play higher.

“Ancelotti is flexible enough to use Bale and other players in different capacities,” he assessed.

Real deputy coach: 'Bale is not sure of starting position'

Finding the right formula to reconcile both Bale and Ronaldo is a difficult problem for the Real coaching staff.

“Bale has the talent to score goals and create assists.

After going to Madrid to complete the contract and make his debut at the Bernabeu on Monday, Bale returned to the Wales team to prepare for two upcoming 2014 World Cup qualifiers – away to Macedonia on September 6 and host Serbia.

Clement said that the Real coaching staff will base on the reality of these two matches as well as Bale’s training sessions when he returns to the club afterward to decide how to use him in the next match in La Liga – the match.

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