Swing voters – the ‘force’ that determines the US election
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Swing voters – the ‘force’ that determines the US election

4 years ago, the couple voted for Republican candidate Donald Trump, but in the past 4 years, they could not stand the way he divided the country and encouraged white supremacy.

The Boltz family lives in a rural area half an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

`We see ourselves as moderate, conservative on fiscal issues and liberal on same-sex marriage,` Marlin Boltz said.

Karen and Marlin Boltz at their home in the town of Cabot, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When the first of three direct confrontations between Trump and Biden began on the evening of September 29, about 10% of voters, large enough to swing the election results, still could not decide to vote.

Swing voters in battleground states like the Boltz couple had to hear a lot of criticism and ridicule aimed at them for not being able to see the difference between Trump and Biden, but those criticisms were not enough to erase them.

In interviews, these people shared that they felt an obligation to keep an open mind ahead of the upcoming debate between the two candidates and looked forward to seeing how they performed under the

Many still like the idea of Trump as a disruptor, giving the Washington political system a dose of shock therapy.

Many people have always loved Biden, but they worry whether he has lost his way or whether he will tilt to the left of his party.

`I will make a decision based on the debate,` said George Cottingham, 25, a music production student in Racine, Wisconsin.

November 3 was the first time Cottingham voted for president.

Cottingham said Covid-19 is really a big threat, but he sees that President Trump’s skepticism about wearing masks also has his reason.

Some undecided voters are those who have long felt alienated from the two major political parties, those who voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green Party candidate Jill Stein in 2016. Now

Roan Kirschbaum, 28 years old, a sound design student in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and looking for a job, has only voted for Green Party candidates in the past.

`It’s an evil attack on humanity and I haven’t seen the two candidates talk about it,` he said.

According to Kirschbaum, Trump is `better than Biden at listening to the American people`, but Trump’s problem is that he `doesn’t care about doing the right thing`.

Swing voters - the 'force' that determines the US election

`For example, with Covid-19, he wants people not to panic but does not admit that wearing masks is necessary. Would it be different if Democrats led the country? Biden is a

For Pete Jordan, 57 years old, from Becker County, Minnesota, his hesitation stems from boredom and fatigue.

But Jordan’s distaste for President Trump is decreasing over time.

`Donald Trump was elected and my 401(k) went up 35%, how can I hate him for this? But he’s constantly boasting about what he thinks. He wants to be

He wants to watch the debates first and then decide who to vote for.

`I’m extremely confused,` he said.

The Boltzs, longtime Republican voters, want the upcoming debates to reveal what the two candidates’ campaigns haven’t talked about, like who will solve the health care cost problem?

Four years ago, they watched the debates and liked the views of an `outsider` like Trump, but were worried about his anti-immigrant attitude.

`He doesn’t want anyone to come to America. Why would he do that?`, Karen asked.

`I thought Trump always bragged about building a border wall, but when his advisers were around, they would restrain him. However, that didn’t happen. And I didn’t expect that he would

Karen limits her viewing of television news because it mostly has two extremes, praising or criticizing Trump, depending on the channel.

Erin Tollefsrud, 35 years old, from Minnesota.

In rural Minnesota, Erin Tollefsrud, 35, is a typical swing voter.

Tollefsrud once liked candidate Andrew Yang from the Democratic Party but he was eliminated.

Still, Tollefsrud likes that Trump is paying attention to people in rural America, and she sees him as someone who has something to say.

`No candidate represents me,` she said.

In the debate on the evening of September 29, Tollefsrud wanted to see if Biden could stand firm and respond to personal attacks from Trump.

`His (Biden’s) age really causes concern,` she said.

For Paul Jass, a chemist living near Milwaukee, Biden’s age makes him apprehensive, but President Trump’s lack of principles also makes him apprehensive.

Scott Williams, 21 years old, student at Concordia University in St.

Williams plans to watch the upcoming debate with his girlfriend.

However, he was not impressed with either candidate.

Vu Hoang (According to Washington Post)

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