The depraved life of a Chinese 9X model
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The depraved life of a Chinese 9X model

Xinhua published an article about the illegal actions of model Quach My My.

Model Quach My My.

Through many ways such as finding customers online, asking people to introduce them or proactively initiating conversations, Quach My My has many times `transacted` with partners.

The witness (who used to be Quach My My’s assistant) said that once she went on a `business trip` with My My to the airport and was picked up by a strange man.

At the investigation agency, My My admitted that she used to work as an escort for a married man.

The depraved life of a Chinese 9X model

Quach My My often posts photos of branded goods, vacations in luxurious places… online.

Quach My My was born in 1991, in an incomplete family in Hunan province.

In the prison, My My shed tears and said: `During the days here, I reflect on what I have done over the years. I am extremely regretful. When I leave the camp, I will not gamble or show off my wealth.

An expert said on Xinhua that Quach My My is a typical character of the wave of `showing off wealth` online.

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