Trump’s allies plan to ‘overturn’ the election in Congress
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Trump’s allies plan to ‘overturn’ the election in Congress

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks is leading a final effort by a congressional group to overturn the election results by challenging the electoral college vote results during the congressional vote counting session on January 6,

Accordingly, the strategy of this group of Republicans loyal to President Donald Trump is to not accept the electoral votes of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin, the battleground states that have certified Joe Biden’s victory.

`Under the Constitution, we have a higher role than the Supreme Court or any state or federal judge. What we say is the final word,` Brooks said in an interview with NYTimes.

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks (left) and US President Donald Trump at the White House in 2017. Photo: White House.

The Electoral College, with a total of 538 electors, from 50 states and Washington, DC will vote directly for the president today.

NYTimes commented that the effort by Republican members to overturn the election results will put Vice President Pence, who according to the constitution has the duty to declare the winner, in a difficult situation.

`The role of the Vice President in the transition of power is something that people have never paid attention to nor thought about. However, with President Donald Trump, perhaps everyone has to consider all possibilities.`

During the plenary session of Congress on January 6, Vice President Pence may not want to declare Biden the winner, but if he makes a decision contrary to the results of the electoral votes, the political future will

Under the Electoral Count Act of 1887, members of Congress could file challenges to the results of the electoral votes.

To date, no Republican senator has announced they will support Brooks’ plan to overturn the election results.

However, even if the Republican congressional group’s effort to challenge the results is successful, it still needs to be approved by the Democratic-controlled House and the Republican-controlled Senate.

All 50 states and Washington, DC, on December 9 certified the election results, in which Joe Biden was predicted to win 306 electoral votes and President Donald Trump only won 232 votes.

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