Barca president resigned
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Barca president resigned

This decision will pave the way for an extraordinary election to elect a new President in the next few weeks.

Bartomeu’s term will officially end in March 2021, but recently club members called for a vote of no confidence to remove him immediately.

Bartomeu has been President of Barca since 2014. Photo: Reuters.

In a press conference held shortly afterward, Bartomeu said he could have resigned following the 2-8 defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League last season, but chose to stay to help the club overcome the crisis.

He continued: `A premature withdrawal would likely cause a power vacuum for several weeks. There is no reason for us to resign as early as March. Despite the pressure, we do not want to run away like

Barca’s board of directors, in fact, has repeatedly tried to delay the vote of no confidence.

With the decision to resign by Bartomeu and his colleagues, a vote of no confidence is no longer necessary.

Bartomeu joined Barca under former President Joan Laporta.

Barca started having difficulties since PSG bought out Neymar.

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