Biden is worried about treading in Hillary Clinton’s ‘mistakes’
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Biden is worried about treading in Hillary Clinton’s ‘mistakes’

A series of recent polls all bring positive signals for the Democratic Party, when former Vice President Joe Biden’s support rate is even greater than Trump’s by double digits.

From someone who was far behind Trump in fundraising campaigns, Biden now regularly attracts millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, Trump is facing one of the most serious periods of political crisis that a US president has ever experienced.

The controversy surrounding former national security adviser John Bolton’s memoir and images of empty seats at a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week made many of Trump’s advisers even more skeptical about his prospects of winning.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden spoke at a campaign event in the city of Darby, Pennsylvania, last week.

Despite many advantages, the Democrats believe that their confidence that they are doing well has many hidden concerns.

But most of all, what scares the Democrats the most is the complacent attitude about poll results that makes them `sleepwalk` about the prospects of winning the election and pay the price of defeat, just like four years ago.

`It feels a lot like 2016 right now. Thinking you have victory in your hands is not a good thing. This is exactly what happened in the last election,` Andrew Werthmann, Eau city council member

Biden’s campaign team believes their path to victory passes through the industrial Midwest states, such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, three states where Hillary Clinton lost to Trump in 2016. But they also

`The expanded campaign map I envision includes Texas, even South Carolina and Georgia. We will not leave any votes unturned,` said Congressman Cedric L. Richmond, campaign co-chairman.

`We have to run like we’re behind, even though we’re actually ahead. Don’t worry about the survey results even if they show we’re 2, 5, or even 10 points ahead.

Although Biden’s campaign looks better than Clinton’s, the nearly five months before election day are still a challenging time for him, according to Matt Viser, editor of the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Trump maintains a solid base of voter support.

Many Democrats in several key states believe that Trump has the ability to develop an unshakable base of voters.

Biden’s campaign is starting to coordinate with Democratic Party members in the states and expects to have about 600 campaign organizers working in battleground states by early next month.

Some Democrats are still concerned about whether Biden’s criticism of the `Defund the Police` movement will make him lose the sympathy of the group of protesters in America.

Biden’s campaign also faces the challenge of not `sleepwalking` into favorable news.

Plouffe, who was in charge of president Barack Obama’s first election campaign, also warned that Democrats should anticipate the possibility that Trump will regain support as the election enters a more critical phase.

`I’m a little worried that people are getting too excited about the poll results. Of course this is better than nothing. But if you look at the final results on election day, you’ll see very high margins.`

Biden is worried about treading in Hillary Clinton's 'mistakes'

Former Vice President Joe Biden (center) at an event in the city of Des Moines, Iowa, August 2019.

Nancy Quarles, commissioner of Oakland County, Michigan, still remembers the feeling of surprise when she learned of the support results for Trump in important counties that she did not expect.

Biden’s campaign’s efforts to attract voters in key states show that they do not want to follow in Clinton’s `trail` in 2016. `Hillary once faced criticism for not going to Wisconsin. But you

Meanwhile, Democratic congressman Ruben Gallego of Arizona expressed optimism that Biden will become the first Democratic candidate to win his state, after Bill Clinton.

`Time is running out. The election will not end in November. It will end in early October, when early voting begins in swing states,` he said.

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