Danny Mills: ‘Guardiola is in crisis at Man City’
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Danny Mills: ‘Guardiola is in crisis at Man City’

Man City lost 0-4 at Everton Stadium on Sunday, January 15.

Danny Mills, a former defender who played more than 50 matches for Man City, believes that Guardiola’s style of play that prioritizes possession of the ball has not been very effective in England.

“Look at Pep Guardiola’s body language after the loss to Everton.

Guardiola is disappointed that the football philosophy he pursues and imposes on Man City is not suitable for this team.

“He doesn’t want to change his football philosophy, he doesn’t want to change his own principles related to his style of play.

Among the top six teams, Man City is the team that has suffered the most defeats after 21 rounds.

“Man City’s championship hopes are not over, but it will be very difficult for them to win the Premier League title this season.

Guardiola’s football philosophy is always to try to impose the position of the game by controlling the ball, thereby creating scoring opportunities and limiting losses.

Danny Mills: 'Guardiola is in crisis at Man City'

A caricature of Guardiola falling flat on his face in the Premier League with the same playing style that he was very successful with in Spain and Bayern.

But Mills believes that at Man City today, Pep does not have enough players at his disposal: `When he led Barca, he had world-class superstars on hand.

“This may be the first time in his career that Pep has not been able to lead a team to qualify for the Champions League.

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