Chelsea can buy Messi and Pogba after escaping ‘debt’ Torres
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Chelsea can buy Messi and Pogba after escaping ‘debt’ Torres

Factors that bring financial positivity to Chelsea include the $298 million shirt sponsorship contract with Yokohama tire company, the liquidation of the contract with striker Fernando Torres and the contract extension with Eden.

Pogba is a completely feasible target for Chelsea this summer, considering their current financial condition.

$60 million is not a big number in the current price storm in the transfer market.

Torres costs Chelsea $28 million a year and next summer is the first time the London team can remove this `debt` from the club’s budget.

Torres’ annual expenses are calculated by a transfer fee of $77 million divided equally over five and a half years of contract with a salary of $13.6 million per year.

Chelsea can buy Messi and Pogba after escaping 'debt' Torres

Escaping the disappointment of Torres is the leading reason why Chelsea expanded their budget.

According to LawInSport expert Jake Cohen, Chelsea’s contract extension with Eden Hazard also helps them benefit financially despite increasing the Belgian midfielder’s salary to $298,000 weekly.

Hazard’s annual expenses when he moved from Lille to Chelsea were $24 million per year.

“Not many people know that clubs can save more money under FFP rules by extending contracts with players despite increasing their salaries.

In addition, the new shirt contract with Yokohama also helps Chelsea pocket nearly 60 million dollars a year, nearly 33 million more than the old contract with Samsung.

Chelsea can buy Messi and Pogba after escaping 'debt' Torres

Not many people know that extending contracts with stars like Hazard can help clubs have more funds for shopping.

Jose Mourinho admitted that Chelsea could not afford the Messi deal.

However, Chelsea can easily buy Juventus star Paul Pogba.

`Chelsea will freely shop next summer. Unlike the previous two seasons, Mourinho will not have to rely on releasing players to expand the transfer budget according to FFP law,` said Jake Cohen.

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