Travel the world in a cup of tea
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Travel the world in a cup of tea

You will be able to travel to many places and learn about the world through just a cup of tea if you take the time to pay attention.

Earl Gray, England

Cultural scientists believe that this type of tea was introduced to the young Queen Victoria by Charles Gray (1764 – 1845), who later became Prime Minister of England in the 1930s.

In the 1830s, tea companies began adding bergamot oil to tea leaves to enhance flavor.

Mint tea, Morocco

Mint tea is typical of the Northwest African country of Morocco.

The symbol of Moroccan hospitality is sometimes as simple and rustic as the cup of tea they bring.

In traditional ceremonies, tea is poured out of the pot from above, more than an arm’s length from the rim of the cup to create foam.

Assam, India

Darjeeling (in the state of West Bengal) may be most famous in India for its abundance of tea, but the state of Assam, hundreds of miles to the east, is the largest tea-growing region in the world.

Instead of using India’s standard time (IST), the Assam region uses a time called `tea garden time` or Bagantime one hour ahead because the sun usually rises earlier than other regions.

Travel the world in a cup of tea

Indian girls in Assam are picking tea in fields just above or at sea level.

Rooibos, South Africa

Often called `bush tea` or `red tea` because of its distinctive color.

Rooibos has risen to prominence in recent years (becoming a novel sensation – pun intended) after appearing in author Alexander McCall’s bestselling series No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

There are many types of flavors mixed into rooibos tea, but Numi Tea and The Republic of Tea are popular.

Oolong, China

There are many theories about the appearance of oolong tea, but this type of tea is always considered to have originated from China.

Have you ever tried premium oolong tea? One kilogram of Da Hong Pao Oolong costs up to 30,000 USD.

Sweet Tea, USA

Sweet tea is very popular in South America, but those who enjoy the taste of high-sugar tea will be interested to know that Summerville, South Carolina, has just been recognized as the birthplace of Sweet Tea.

Exploring the Sumerville Tea Trail – Sweet Tea Trail, you will have more intimate feelings, especially at the only Charleston Tea Plantation in the United States (near Wadmalaw Island).

Butter tea, Tibet

Putting a dab of butter made from yak milk in your cup of tea is how Tibetans and other Himalayan communities drink tea.

In Bhutan, locals drink butter tea with zow, red rice cakes baked with sugar.

Travel the world in a cup of tea

Monks in Tibet drink butter tea during a ceremony.

There are many rich and unique types of tea in the world such as Taiwanese foam tea, Thai tea, masala chai… Let’s share the types of tea you know and where is the best place to try them.

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